Macau Tour Package

Macau Tour Package

Walking through the old city you could convince yourself you were in Europe - if the streets were devoid of people and signs in Chinese, that is. Also, walking with the city lights sparkling at night, you will consider yourself lucky for witnessing such a one of a kind scenery.


Senado Square, Ruins of St.Paul, A-Ma Temple and Macau Tower are the special attractions found in Macau. Hotels such as Mandarin Oriental Macau, Wynn Macau, Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Grand Hyatt Macau, and Sofitel Macau are a must seen too.


Events & Festivals

As in the rest of China, the Lunar New Year is a really big deal when all public transport modes are overcrowded and booked out. Feast of the God Toutei, Ching Ming Festival, A-Ma Festival, Feast of Buddha, Feast of Drunken Dragon, Dragon Boat Festival, Feast of Hungry Ghosts, Mid-Autumn Festival, International Fireworks Festival, Macau International Music Festival, Macau Grand Prix are the major events and festivals celebrated in Macau.


Culture & Heritage

From architecture, urban development, and landscaping, a great historical and cultural value represents Macau. Macau ensures the continuity and conservative perspective of its history and culture.


Tours & Walks

Self-guided walk around the city of Macau will really satisfy you for your tour. You may relax and enjoy the scenery, shopping and sightseeing just by passing by at the top hotels in Macau.



Macanese or Macau Creole is a creole language derived mainly from Malay, Sinhalese, Cantonese, and Portuguese, which was originally spoken by the Macanese community of the Portuguese colony of Macau. It is now spoken by a few families in Macau and in the Macanese diaspora.