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Japan is very well-known for its Castles, mountains and temples as its major attractions. Even though Japan is now famous for its bright city lights, bullet trains, trends and fashion, still the country's beautiful culture and tradition is a major attraction. Number one on the list of the Japan's top destinations is the city of Tokyo, which is its capital with the combination of the modern life and traditional culture is visible. Next is the Kyoto where old-temples, the famous Geisha, and traditional teahouses can be found. Third on the list is the city of Osaka which is the second largest city and the area where you can enjoy your own food festival. Next is the Kanagawa, where Kamakura is located where temples and beaches can be found. Next is the city where the Tokyo Disney Resort is located which is Chiba.


Japanese Festivals are considered as the most fun, joyful and colorful season of the country. One of the most wonderful festivals celebrated in Japan is the Cherry Blossom Viewing which is a fascinating sight in springtime. Next is the Sumida Fireworks Festival, where thousands of colors lighting the entire city. Other festivals are festivals celebrated in Kyoto which is the Gion Matsuri Festival and the Hana Tiuro Festivals.


It is never hard to know the Japanese Culture and heritage for it is still practiced up to now. Japanese never forgot their customs and traditions. You may know their culture and tradition just by looking or visiting their streets, temples, shrines or castles.


Get around the cities of Japan by using their best transport system which is the Train. You can also enjoy the magnificent and fascinating beauty of the streets of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kanazama, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Nara, Osaka, Sapporo, and Sendai. Have a taste of the Japanese cuisine and take your own photo wearing the traditional Japanese clothing with the traditional tea ceremony while walking to the cities' main streets.


Japanese (Nihongo) is the national language of Japan.